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This toolkit represents the work and thinking of 15 grassroots organizations with Asian American bases living in the most precarious margins of power: low-income tenants, youth, undocumented immigrants, low-wage workers, refugees, women and girls, and queer and trans people.  All of the modules are designed to begin with people’s lived experiences, and to build structural awareness of why those experiences are happening, and how they are tied to the oppression of others. 


GAR Youth Convening 2018


Youth leaders from 13 organizations all over the nation came together in Philadelphia, PA to engage in the first ever Grassroots Asians Rising Asian Youth National Gathering. This convening created space for youth leaders to connect with each other in the movement, strategize building a national Asian American youth movement around issues impacting our communities, and learn key organizing strategies from one another.


GAR National Convening 2017


GAR held a national gathering in Oakland, CA of over 200 organizers and 40 organizations. The work of our organizations at the convening collectively spanned from racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, queer and trans liberation, environmental justice, workers’ rights, housing justice, the fight against state violence and militarism, gender justice, and youth power. 


2013 National Convening


In 2013, prior to becoming a formal alliance, 70 organizers and 20 organizations in working-class Asian communities explored the need for a network that fostered peer learning with organizations that were aligned politically and in their commitment to uplifting directly impacted Asian communities.