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Help translate our Racial Justice Toolkit

Grassroots Asians Rising is launching our campaign to raise $10,000 for the translation of the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit! In 2016, as the growing influence of the conservative right accelerated across the United States, GAR released the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit for organizations to conduct political education in racial justice and solidarity across communities of color with their membership. Designed with an Asian American audience in mind, the toolkit was the first of its kind. However, it is currently only available in English, restricting organizations to conduct English-only trainings or requiring them to translate the material with already very limited capacity. Since the toolkit’s release six years ago, it has become even more crucial today to share political education. When we don’t, we risk losing our communities to misinformation, apathy, or misguided political agendas.

The toolkit has been downloaded over 5,100 times by organizers, educators, activists, and individuals! With your donation, GAR is hopeful to begin the translation process of key workshops into multiple Asian languages to further reach our working-class pan-Asian communities.

Why is it important to translate it?

The translation project of the toolkit is an intervention by GAR to restore our collective humanity across our differences through a practice of deep democracy with working-class immigrant and refugee Asian communities. GAR’s vision is to raise the consciousness of working-class pan-Asian communities to move us in greater coherence with broader movements. This requires a commitment to language justice, allowing everyone to be able to communicate, understand, and be understood in the language they prefer and feel most articulate and powerful.

With the toolkit translated, from Rhode Island to New York City to Virginia to North Carolina to Ohio, base-building organizations in working-class Asian communities across the United States will be able to conduct political education with immigrant and refugee communities.

How can you help?

Translating the toolkit into multiple languages is a lengthy and resource-intensive undertaking involving multiple translators, a long review process, and consultation with organizations to ensure appropriate translation. We are asking for supporters like you to donate to make this endeavor possible. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the translation and the review process. Your donations are crucial to help cover these costs!

Support the effort to build a shared vision and agenda among working-class pan-Asian immigrant and refugee communities! Please help us by donating and sharing our fundraiser widely!

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