Cathy Dang, National Co-Director


Cathy Dang has organized in the labor movement and community-led development for nearly two decades with Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, the Retail Action Project, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, and other grassroots organizations. While serving as the Executive Director of CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, she developed a robust organizational infrastructure to lead campaigns on housing justice and played a critical role in shaping national alliances towards building greater political alignment on racial, gender and economic justice. Cathy served on the GAR Coordinating Committee from 2013-2018 while as the Executive Director of CAAAV. She served in various supporting roles for the GAR CC from 2019-2021 before joining staff. 

Roksana Mun Picture.jpg

Roksana Mun, National Co-Director

Roksana joined DRUM - Desis Rising Up & Moving in 2003 when members of her family and community were detained and deported through Special Registration. Since then, Roksana has been a youth organizer, organizing working-class, immigrant Desi youth in NYC public high schools fighting to end the School-to-Prison-Deportation and Low-Wage-Jobs-Pipeline and later served as DRUM’s Director of Strategy and Training, leading racial, immigrant and education justice campaigns and the political education and organizing trainings of organizers, leaders and members. She firmly believes it is the responsibility of our movements to center the leadership of impacted, frontline communities to direct and lead change. Roksana is a Bangladeshi-born immigrant raised in NYC. She is the proud daughter of a domestic worker and a taxi driver.