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The Israeli government has continued to escalate violence in Palestine, and the US government continues to send more money and more weapons to fund the Israeli government's genocide. 

Last month, Grassroots Asians Rising (GAR) facilitated a discussion with our member organizations to brainstorm what resources are needed in order to reach their working-class bases and build pan-Asian solidarity for Palestine. Many GAR organizers, especially those leading East Asian and Southeast Asian organizations, are struggling to speak with their bases about what is happening in Palestine and Israel, how Zionism impedes our movements, and how we can connect the Palestinian struggle abroad to our day-to-day struggles in the US. 

However, we understand that as Asian Americans who have come from brutalized homelands, who have lineages that have fought colonization, and who still bear witness to the trauma and impact of this violence, we can organize our communities to be in solidarity with Palestine and to stop the genocide of the Palestinian people.

To help reach working-class, immigrant and refugee, Asian communities, GAR created "From the River to the Sea: Building Pan-Asian Solidarity for Palestine"; by filling out this form, you will receive the workshop facilitation guide and presentation slides

This workshop is intended to help build pan-Asian solidarity for Palestine by drawing parallels between our own experiences with occupation and the current Israeli occupation of Palestine. We hope this workshop helps our working-class communities understand the role of the U.S. and past colonial forces in sustaining the current apartheid system and our responsibility to end apartheid and occupation of Palestine.


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