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We’re excited to announce the launch of the TRANSLATED Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit into 11 Asian languages, including Hindi, Nepali, Tagalog, Bangla, Korean, Hmong, Chinese, Arabic, Punjabi, Vietnamese, and Khmer! You can access all languages at

The Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit was released in 2016, during tumultuous times that exposed the tremendous need for educational resources and curriculum to support transformational conversations in Asian American communities on racial justice. Since the Toolkit’s release six years ago, it has become even more crucial today to share political education, especially in our communities' languages. When we don’t, we risk losing our communities to misinformation, apathy, or misguided political agendas. This became particularly apparent at our Convening where many of our member organizations shared their challenges in building working-class bases and retaining membership. You can check out other learnings by watching our Convening recap video here!

Thank you to SEIU for making this translation project possible! You can watch a recording of our internal launch event to our membership here (this video also includes instructions towards the end on how to download if you have any issues). SEIU and NEA shared the importance of in-language political education like the translated Toolkit to reach Asian workers that are often left out from union conversations and organizing. SEAC Village, PrYSM, and DRUM – who either contributed to the original toolkit or have utilized it with their membership – spoke on the lasting impact of having resources and tools to more effectively reach and organize the most-impacted and most-marginalized of our communities.

In the next coming months, GAR's organizations will be using this toolkit to hold rigorous, in-language workshops with their working-class memberships. Across the country, with SEAC Village in North Carolina, AAU in Pennsylvania, DRUM in NYC, PrYSM in Rhode Island, ACE Collaborative in Virginia, PWC and CA Healthy Nail Salon Collab in California, Woori Juntos in Texas, and Hana Center in Illinois, grassroots organizers will be leading the way with their commitment to in-language political education.


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