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Grassroots Asians Rising is leading with our ecosystem of strong grassroots organizations towards a world where our working-class immigrant and refugee communities have dignity, safety, and justice. We are not just creating a network of organizations, but building a strong working-class, pan-Asian movement for economic and racial justice.

Our movement needs resources to grow! And so, we are excited to announce that today is GAR’s launch of our 🪷 Lotus and Rice Sustainer Campaign 🌾 to recruit 20 sustainers to make an average monthly donation of $25 in order to raise $6,000. Will you join the movement by giving monthly to support this work?

Why Lotus and Rice, you ask? When planted in rice patties, lotus promotes and exponentially grows rice by improving soil quality and promoting a more sustainable farming system. That’s GAR’s role in building the movement. When we unite grassroots groups together to cross pollinate, we are able to accelerate learning and increase the skillsets of our membership to more effectively organize.

Your participation will go directly towards building the organizing in working-class, pan-Asian communities. Earlier this year, we brought together 32 member organizations at our National Convening, in Los Angeles, CA. Check out the trailer video of our Convening! We learned so much from one another – working-class history that grounds our current organizing, new strategies for building working-class bases, and critical lessons around fighting the Right. GAR’s convenings and peer learning programming are a crucial starting point for the relationships that our movements are built upon. But we have so much more work to do!

We want to continue to deepen the relationships between our members to encourage grassroots organizers to learn from one another and strategize together. We can do this by having more in-person convenings that bring together organizers from across the country, expanding resources for political education that reaches working-class bases most at the margins of power, and building stronger infrastructure and systems to support local work on a national level. We are already getting started on this work, and with each Lotus and Rice recurring donor, we are able to grow our impact on working-class, pan-Asian organizing.

If you can’t donate at the moment, we understand. Times are tougher than ever. Another way you can stand with GAR right now is by forwarding this email to three of your friends who you think might be interested in supporting our work, or by spreading the word and sharing our work on Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you for all that you do to strengthen our organizing by and for working-class, pan-Asian, immigrant and refugee communities. We depend on our community to power our work. Let’s grow together!

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