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In 2023, GAR brought grassroots organizers together to learn from our different local communities’ organizing and to build our working-class, pan-Asian movement. With the support of a strong ecosystem like GAR, our member organizations are becoming more fearless and resilient to agitate, politicize, and organize more working-class people. The stakes are high for 2024. We need your help to do what it takes for the working-class to protect historic victories and advance new ones

We dream of a world where all of our working-class immigrant and refugee communities have dignity, safety, and justice. To achieve that vision, we need to build the leadership, politics, and capacity of grassroots organizations. That way, we can activate everyday working-class Asians to join broader struggles for justice and an inclusive democracy.

In 2024, we can mobilize the collective power of our working-class, pan-Asian, racial and economic justice movement for material wins for our communities. Can we count on you to join us? 

Following our launch of the TRANSLATED Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit into 11 Asian languages, many of our member organizations will be using this toolkit to hold rigorous, in-language workshops with their working-class memberships. But we need your support to make it happen: Donate today to our membership who are leading the way with their commitment to in-language political education. 


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