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Grassroots Asians Rising follows the guidance and leadership of our member Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), and we fight for the end of Israeli apartheid and for a Free Palestine.

As AROC wrote in their statement, "We call on all to boycott Israel. We call on institutions to divest from Israel. We call on the US government to sanction Israel and end the billions in military aid. We call on our community and allies to take action to stop the ongoing annihilation of Palestinians by demanding an end to the siege on Gaza, an end to the occupation, freedom for political prisoners, and an end to US aid to apartheid Israel. The current violence could end immediately if those in power took even a small step toward the right side of history."

Grassroots Asians Rising joins Rising Majority to call on people of conscience and all progressive movements to stand with Palestine in this critical moment and demand an end to the occupation and genocide led by the Israeli apartheid state and funded by the United States Government.

As Rising Majority expressed in their statement, "We join the thousands who have been in the streets across the world to express solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza who are facing the worst bombardment in their history. We are outraged by this violence and condemn the Israeli apartheid state that is currently doubling down on collective punishment of the Palestinians and tightening its 16-year siege of Gaza. This includes the prevention of any electricity, food, water and fuel to enter Gaza. And over the past few days, in addition to physical violence and attacks, we have witnessed the racist denigration of Palestinians as “barbaric” and “human animals” (in the words of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant). We will continue to strengthen our efforts for a Free Palestine and the pursuit of liberation, justice, and freedom for all oppressed people everywhere." "It is critical in this moment to bring attention to U.S. government’s role in aiding apartheid and war crimes, with Israel as its largest recipient of foreign assistance at $3.8 Billion a year and totals more than $260 Billion. With this aid, Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian Territory (West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza) are living under military occupation with profound restrictions on freedom of movement. In Gaza, Israel has subjected 2 million Palestinians to a brutal siege for over 16 years, where Israel can deny all access to basic necessities like food and clean water, and has created an uninhabitable situation. Across historic Palestine, Palestinians, including women, children, and the elderly, live as second and third class citizens in an apartheid regime These are taxpayer dollars going to occupation, apartheid, war crimes, and genocide. On October 10, President Biden promised to send even more weapons and military funding to Israel. This course of action by the U.S. should be alarming to any of us who are concerned about the growing threats of authoritarianism and fascism in the U.S. and around the world, as the actions of the Israeli apartheid state bolster these efforts to target oppressed people with impunity. Support for Israeli apartheid and genocide against Palestinians is a threat to all of our struggles for multi-racial democracy."


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