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In September, we welcomed the following organizations into GAR:

  • Arab American Action Network, Chicago, IL

  • Asian American Advocacy Fund, Atlanta, GA

  • Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities, Stockton, CA

  • Laal, NY

  • Hmong Innovating Politics, Fresno & Sacramento, CA

  • Jakara Movement, Fresno & Central Valley, CA

  • Muslims for Just Futures, DMV Area

  • OPAWL, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, OH

  • Red Canary Song, Queens, NY

  • Rising Voices, MI

We are expanding our working-class, pan-Asian national movement with groups organizing Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian (AMEMSA) communities. AMEMSA communities have been fighting against the expansion of the national security state, the global War on Terror, and increased militarization of White supremacist forces. Organizations like AAAN, Muslims for Just Futures, Jakara, and Laal are leading our movement through these fights.

With this cohort, we’re welcoming our newest members from the Midwest and South! The Midwest and South have rapidly expanding working-class Asian populations that have the collective power to make progressive and material changes in their communities. AAAF, OPAWL, and Rising Voices are critical organizations in the Midwest and South for working-class pan-Asian communities.

Our members organize working-class bases who live in the most precarious margins of power. HIP and EMAC strengthen the political power of Southeast Asian immigrant and refugee communities, and Red Canary Song fights for labor rights and safety of massage and sex workers.

With our expanding members, we are building a pan-Asian, working-class organizing ecosystem across the United States together!

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