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We're hiring a Special Events Contractor, Videographer, and Photographer to support us for our upcoming National Convening!

The Special Events Contractor will be responsible for the work leading up to Grassroots Asians Rising 2023 National Convening held from July 10 to July 13, 2023 in Downtown Los Angeles, California. At this convening, up to 100 leaders from our member organizations will meet in person to build personal and political relationships, share landscape assessments, provide peer support to strengthen our capacity in base-building, leadership development, and winning campaigns in working-class pan-Asian communities. The contractor will remain on contract until after the convening in early to mid-August to support GAR Co-Directors in filing invoices and ensuring reimbursements, final vendor payments, organizing files, and summarizing final expenses and learnings. Apply at this link:

We are looking for a photographer to take photos and capture memories during our National Convening (July 10-13, 2023).

  • Capture photo content during the National Convening (July 10-13, 2023).

  • Transport, set up, and operate various equipment for photography.

  • Perform retouching and image adjustment.

Apply at this link:

We are looking for a videographer to create a 3-5 minute video using footage from the National Convening (July 10-13, 2023).

  • Sustain and guide the creative process by co-developing interview questions, storyboards, etc., with GAR staff.

  • Transport, set up, and operate various production equipment including cameras, audio and video recorders, lighting equipment, props for microphones, etc. for production.

  • Collect and record footage for video development during the National Convening.

  • Coordinate and handle logistics for any additional hires, may include extra production assistants, camera crew, composer, etc.

  • Edit video segments on a variety of tape and digital formats.

Apply at this link:

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